Roof Moss Removal & Treatment & Best Roof Cleaning 

Roof Moss Removal Prices

Roof Moss removal & treatment

  1. Is there a set price to do roof moss treatment

    8) Well wish there was but every house or business is different from how much moss to how hard  to get too size of space needing treated etc.

  2. what do you use to kill the moss with

    We use a zinc compound

  3. do you do roof repair

    No we leave this to the roof contractor

  4. Can moss do damage to my Roof

    Yes it can when Moss builds up to what we call pillowed moss it grows between the shingles and starts lifting them up this does two things lets water under the shingles and traps the water from getting out and starts the process of breaking down your roof

  5. Can I have my roof pressure washed to remove the Moss

    This is not a good Idea see your shingles have sand like particals all over them and the high pressure will strip them off taking years of life with it, Never let any one talk you into doing it this way you can clean your roof with a garden house and jet tip this does not the have same force that a pressure washer does so if  you have roof problems call the professionals at SPOT FREE WINDOW AND GUTTER CLEANING to take care of your roof problem too.

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Gutter cleaning

  1. does it cost extra to take the gutter stuff away with you

    we prefer to use a yard waste can thats on site but this is not always possible so will take it with us  there is no extra charge for this service.

  2. do you repair gutters

    No will pound stakes back in if they are there and plug small leaks for a extra cost

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Window Cleaning

  1. how long have you been washing windows

    Started Washing Windows in 1984

    29 years ago

  2. Are the window tracks inclued in the window cleaning cost

    well yes and no when washing the window water gets in the tracks and we wipe up the water if your tracks are not very dirty then they look pretty clean when we are done but if your tracks are real bad dirty and need scrubing there is a extra cost and this would  depend on how bad they are the cost ranges  from $1.00 to $5.00 pre track

  3. Are the screens inclued in the window cleaning price

    No screens can be more time consuming than windows and cost extra from $2.00 to $5.00 each

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